Purism’s Librem 5 Progress in Videos


Just wanted to express my enthusiasm at seeing the videos! I like how the UI is shaping up, it looks really clean!

Is the screensize of the devkit representative of how big the screen of the final product will be?

Thank you for the update! Keep up the good work! :smiley:


i am very happy for this video!!!
thank you for the update!!!


That’s what I’m talking about!:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


No, and the phone is planed for 5.7" with slim bezels so you can expect a pretty big sceen but with a decently sized phone that should fit in anyone’s pocket. :wink:


Was 5.7 confirmed? I haven’t heard anything about it from Purism :s


Design report #5 and February 2019 progress report shows 5.5" - 5.7" but this blueprint (thanks to @Caliga for posting a link to that one) of the devkit with it’s screen of 5.7" seems to be the nearest to what we’ll get.

PS: While rereading my post I saw that I got lost in what I intended to say, the message is “devkit isn’t the finished product so it might have changes but it’s the nearest to the real thing we can get ATM”


what video where is it?


It’s in the news!


Thanks for the videos!

  • I wonder if all videos are in the actual speed (and not sped up). Does anybody know?
  • And I wonder if the user experience is still as sluggish and laggy as it was two months ago, see e.g. video on progress report or video. But the videos do not answer this question. Does anybody know?
  • Or in other words: Has or will the etnaviv driver be improved in such a way, that we will have a smooth and responsive experience on release in Q3?


We’re certainly going to give our best here.


I have to say I was not really impressed with the video update, as everything except calling dev-kit to dev-kit had been shown long before.
Luckily, now here’s the real update: :sunglasses:


Same for me… nice to see things are progressing however.


I’ve read the progress report as well and got the impression that they are not in the phase of polishing last minute bugs, but more fundamental problems (for example the audio buffer issue). I will just wait in calm for the outcome and wish them good luck.


who here wants to see gnu/emacs pre-demoed next on the L5 dev-kit ? :smiley:

oh here it is !


There is no “Day 21” video? :thinking:


It’s a mystery.
Maybe there’s a timezone where it’s still Tuesday? :thinking:
Or somebody forgot to remove the “more tomorrow” text from the final video?
But I guess somebody a script just messed up. :wink:


Heh. My xearth says it’s still dark in San Francisco, and the sun is just raising in Washington.


In Librem Social Bryan Lunduke mentioned he was sick…if he’s the one posting the videos, that could account for it

Though I’d love to believe they have now shipped, and I will be getting my Librem in the mail today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’d like to, but they have to fix some bugs to make it usable! :sweat_smile:


I don’t think it’s a script - the posts didn’t come regular at the same time enough. On the other hand I had the impression they came each time later, from having them at least for me in the evening to having them in the morning - more like the day-and-night-cycle of a student