Purism "second hand marketplace" as a forum category?

You don’t know that. I suggest we let Purism decide :wink:

Isn’t reducing planned obsolesence an explicitly stated goal as a social purpose company? If this were a reason it would seem to not be very in keeping with that.


I suggest we could open our eyes and see for ourselves as of how much devices are there in ebay and here in the forum. And hence, we do know it! :eyes: + :brain:

If people buy a product out of their free will and decide, they want to sell it again for good reasons of their own, then we should respect that. And promote and facilitate it.

Whoever wants to sell, will sell!

But as of now, whoever wants to buy, will need to search EBAY plus their local second hand marketplaces. Boisterous!
This places obstacles in the way of those, wanting to buy in the first place.
Does this help anybody? What would you presume? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_monocle: :nerd_face:

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If, without a specific forum category, you can see a lot of devices sold and bought, it means that such category could greatly increase that number. Therefore your words

may not be accurate.

This is not how it works. Some people are discouraged by the lack of simple buy/sell options. Did you even read ebay’s privacy terms?

I agree. I suggest to wait until Purism is a strong company, not a tiny one. Are you ready to put them at risk? It will not help the environment either…

How can the fact that they have a category for selling used product increase the number of use product people want to sell? People either want to sell it or they don’t and where they sell it doesn’t matter, it just makes it easier to find everyone on this site that wants to sell them, and are ALREADY listing them on the forum? A classifieds section just organizes them in one place.

And right now what they would be told is “you’re not staying on the original topic of this thread put that somewhere else”, well a classified section would give them a ‘somewhere else’.

Do you seriously think people that weren’t planning on selling all of a sudden say “hey there’s a classified section on the Purism forum! Oh my gosh I should hurry up and sell mine then”? That’s ridiculous!

where do you come up with the stuff?

If they own a Purism product and they’re already coming on the forum because there’s a wealth of information here to be gotten, and they would also logically think they should sell it to someone on the forum who wants it, and that already is familiar with the product?


I can’t agree more. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
:woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:


Yes, cooperation! That’s the thing. :+1:
Thanks for the link, just tried it. Great! Funny! Didn’t know that before.

… and especially, whilst some of those, wanting to sell, state, that they do for their lack of technical skills in respect to Librem Key, PureOS or Linux most in general.
So they are stuck with a device they don’t understand and hence don’t use whilst others starv to get one.

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I think this should mostly be in “Site feedback” category…

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I own a another freedom loving device built by a small company which does (in pandemic free times) help users to sell their used product: https://www.thorncycles.co.uk/selling-your-old-bike

I think it shows they have faith in their product and their customers. Of course an electronic device is not the same as a bicycle. Purism would probably not want to get too involved in the market. I think providing a forum for their users to sell their second hand devices, or after market parts would not be a bad thing.



This is the link to the fairphone marketplace in the Fairphone forum.

Fairphone is a small dutch mobile phone plant focused on sustainable, modular phones aiming towards fairness in the production process, transparency for the user and a longvity through modular exchangeable parts.
Their marketplace is for parts, covers, phones, chargers - everything.
I own my Fairphone since 2018 and I’m very happy with it.
A multi-culti lot of nice and friendly people working there, attaching importance to customer dialog.

So yes, seems like this is also possible with electronic devices.