Purism services and GDPR

Tomorrow GDPR becomes effective in EU states. Lately I (and probably many of you) got a ton of e-mails about ToS changes and GDPR compliance. I know that there are some companies that decided to withdrawn from providing their services in EU countries. Some decided to update ToS only in EU, others worldwide. I’d like to ask if there will be any changes also to Purism ToS or operation in EU. Especially:

  • are there any changes for forum?
  • are there any changes for ‘My Account’?
  • are there any changes for new purchases?
  • are there any changes for pending purchases (I’ve backed Librem 5)?

Thank you in advance for clarification.

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I saw a tweet today that there is no GDPR compliance in librem one by the Yale Privacy lab

Is this still the case? I didn’t find any post or anything that purism is gdpr compliant