Purism should publish the latest order shipped

Purism explained a lot of times that the number of shippings per time frame is their privacy and secret. One could understand this (I do not). But, what about if Purism would publish a daily meter

“We are now at order date mm/dd/yyyy with shipping”?

This would give all a clear picture of the own turn.


That would be a nice idea, but no business does that except fast food restaurants on their receipts, although their idea of “shipping” is delivering food at the drive-thru window.

Purism is more about slow food at a family-owned artisan restaurant. Therefore, customers need to understand that patience is necessary in order to receive their food, done with real labor and serious preparations beforehand.

If you want the food faster, you should help them by donating, either labor, or funds, although you are able to also receive payment for labor too, with their recent job listings.


Customers are already doing that (via multiple topics in this forum). Is that not good enough?

I think that if Purism were to do it then “daily” would be a waste of resources. Maybe weekly.


Pursim: “We’re sorry, sir, your food will be just a few more minutes. Would you like some more breadsticks?”