Purism USB-C Hub

Hi, just an observation. The USB-C Hub in the Purism Store has changed type. The original model had an SD card slot which was visible in the product image. I had ordered one of them with the phone for the SD card option, what was delivered was the current Utech smart model without SD card slot. The store image has now been updated to Utech - but spec. detail still states "SD Card slot. The Hub works fine and the ethernet port works also.


@francois-techene will update the product listing description.

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the inconvenience @Bilhe77.
I have just updated the product’s description.


Hi Francois, the gal’s go out to bingo and the boy’s are getting stinko - but i know my right’s!

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If SD card slot (or µSD card slot or both) on a USB-C dock/hub is essential to you then you might want to study: Tested Accessories · Wiki · Librem5 / Librem 5 Community Wiki · GitLab

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Hello Irvinewade, the SD slot was advertised as a feature on the hub i ordered and paid for, what i received was not what i ordered. I had just let it go past then i was happy to get my L5, but when i saw the store page was not showing what was being sold i felt obliged to highlight it.

I knew a gal who was in the hospitality business and the “tort of passing off” was a big troublemaker!

I already have a usb hub from my pinephone with ethernet, i wouldnt have ordered the purism hub but the SD option sold it to me.

I probably have listened to too much Kevin Wilson. Bloody Legend!


I’m confused about what the point i.e. expected outcome, of this topic is.

If you want to return the item, you need to contact Purism and arrange that. That will leave you with no hub … so I am giving you a resource to hunt for alternative hubs. As I understand it, the original hub (the Hoyoki) basically is unobtainable (from any supplier, not just from Purism).

The store page has reportedly been updated.

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It has been updated because i highlighted it. My point was it was wrong. I am happy the page has been updated because of my feedback. I do not like you’re attitude, you as a moderator should hold off with the What’s your point?? to ordinary forum members. Our financial spend makes this whole venture possible!


Unfortunately Purism’s policies do not entitle the customer for a refund unless the product is defective:

Wow, you really are trying to turn this whole post around to reflect that i am the villian. I saw an inconsistency, i corrected it. Frankly my dear i don’t give a damn, but honesty is always the best policy. No point taking it to my grave if i can help others!


Thanks for reporting this @Bilhe77 , and thanks for your cooperation as we updated the oversight in the product description.

I don’t think anybody in this thread had intended to vilify you, but I understand how it could have been interpreted that way. I think others genuinely thought you were seeking another outcome and were trying to sort out what that was or offer help.

I appreciate your feedback that allowed us to correct this.


“The Hub works fine” Does that mean you can surf the Net with Firefox? I can do it on the L5, but I can’t when it’s plugged into the Hub… Am I the only one with this problem? How can I correct the situation?

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