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Librem is not like other hardware. Other hardwares are not meant to respect users’ freedoms. Hence the users must know what hardware their running. Hence a wiki for librem is a must.

Librem devices’ hardware should be certified by an external agency like open source hardware association. http://certificate.oshwa.org (sorry no https) This is same as getting pureos certified by fsf. Being certified by an external agency makes people trust purism more hence you should add oshwa certification to https://puri.sm/learn/freedom-roadmap/

If https://tracker.puri.sm is meant only for pureos where should I report bugs regarding the purism website and online infrastructure


The best ways to communicate anything is feedback@puri.sm, support@puri.sm and catch us on IRC (#purism on irc.freenode.net). Currently the most lacking thing is for sure documentation but as I said, we must push our energy into things that we consider to be higher priority.

For PureOS wishes, as I said, go to tracker.puri.sm/maniphest and open new task with priority wishlist.


Can you please change GlugGlug to Minifree at https://puri.sm/learn/freedom-roadmap/


Changed, thanks.


Thank you. Nice to see Purism in a healthy competition. No other manufacturer would have done this. Purism is awesome.


I for one would be interested in having such a wiki. That way we could document each revision of each product. The reason we don’t have such a thing yet is, I think:

  1. I'm not aware of a wiki being deployed explicitly for that (using the pureos phabricator wiki for that would feel a bit weird), and we need to have someone with the time and skills to deploy such a thing.
  2. there needs to be someone to write these piles of contents!


There are some posts in the forums which are about one’s personal opinions ( which are mostly mine ) about a certain topic. This can be a little headache to administrators. These kind of posts should be at somethings like comments section at https://puri.sm/posts/ .Thus a person can share his views on a particular post and hence the forums would not be populated with so much topics. For example- when a weekly update on coreboot comes one can share his views on that subject rather than start a new topic in the forums. Forums is a place meant for seeking help regarding hardware or software or online infrastructure.


Have you looked at diaspora https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diaspora_(social_network)
This is an open source social network https://diasporafoundation.org/
Purism could host a pod https://wiki.diasporafoundation.org/Installation
Purism could gradually completely move to the open source social network from proprietary ones.


there are more like gnu social


Can you please change the link of ardour at https://pureos.net/apps.html from http://ardour.org/ to https://ardour.org/.
I does not have a redirect.
Also http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ to https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ at the bottom of the page.


Can you please add a Donate option to https://pureos.net/


Thanks for the feedback gjyibhyngbhky7bnmh! I have fixed the “https” issues.

The donate button will have to be discussed with the team though. I guess it is a good idea in order to make PureBrowser in a real ethical users<=>devs business model. Which I like!


The funds raised through donations could be used to contribute to projects that pureos directly or indirectly depends on. The funds raised in one month could go to project A. Project B next month, and so on. This would improve the quality of open source software as a whole,not just pureos.


Can somebody please update this page. This would confuse those who ordered/wish to order.


G, can you tell me how to get the light background to work? My keyboard doesn’t have any light to offer… Thanks so much! BEST, J


I wished to view your link at this post however the browser is not generating a new page to link to…