Purism websites

Pure browser has immense potential.
Purist services is something that open source community needs.
Pureos will be very useful to privacy conscious people(everyone).
Seperate websites for each of the above will be great.
A person who wants help with pureos can go to pureos website.
What I mean is it will be easier for a person to get help.
He can go to the website he wants,meet other people using the same software,get,help regarding the software,etc…
It will be a great open source project.
Community members can port purebrowser ,purist services to other open source operating systems(Debian,Ubuntu,Archlinux,Gentoo,etc…)
Purism software will be everywhere and will not be locked to specific audience.It will be available to everyone,for everyone,by everyone.
Purism will become truly 100% open source.

This is regarding the etcher link at https://puri.sm/pureos/download/
Please change www.etcher.io to https://etcher.io/

I corrected the etcher.io link to have https as you suggested (even though that website already had a redirect).

Yes, once Purist Services gets fleshed out there will would be a page dedicated to it.

gjyibhyngbhky7bnmh, you can help us here: https://tracker.puri.sm

The need to give the real name for phabricator registration does seem wierd.
Can you please change that from real name to nickname maybe.
After all purism community is privacy respecting.

Plus did the purism team look at orbital apps.
It seems abandoned Purism should fork it.
It would be great to have the latest updates,security and stability all at once.
Please give your thoughts at https://puri.sm/forums/topic/package-formats/

You are right, I’ll see what can we do about this.

Update: changed real name requirement to “optional”.

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There should be a page dedicated to show progress(% complete, bugs open/closed, ETA) of:

  1. coreboot/libreboot
  2. <li>new website(s)</li>
    <li>fsf ryf certification</li>
    <li>oshwa certification (you should include this at https://puri.sm/learn/freedom-roadmap/ )</li>
    <li>purist services</li>

I think this should be at https://tracker.puri.sm

I didn’t see the reply button till now. The light background makes it hard to find

That is a very good idea indeed!

Please have in mind that some of us are in the different timezone, and we can’t immediately approve your account.

Sorry about that. My internet is really slow .that’s why I accidently posted it twice.

Please use tracker for that (although on puri.sm domain it is about PureOS) and to answer it - no we didn’t as currently we are only deb and in future we plan to lay down work for flatpak as it has the biggest community push behind and I am not in favor of supporting of dozen formats.

Really, don’t post such things in forum as they aren’t relevant, it is your personal registration and as all you need to await for approval and posting it everywhere will not help you. We get the notifications and we will come to it. Also it is basically watering down the topic.

Mladen is main admin for forums and he tries his best but on tracker I am the main person and there I expect more professional behavior as not all devs want to read countless replies that aren’t useful to anyone. We still need to define behavior there but unless you plan to work on reported bug, please consider talking to devs first does it make sense to report and not ending up in countless wontfix closed bugs.

I am thinking for ideas we should open one bug and post all ideas there, and those that get accepted to work on we push it into their own bug report so we can track progress.

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There should be a lot of things, I agree, but there is so much times and small number of us that we simply can’t accommodate every request in timely manner or at all. It is open community, offer to contribute, get into discussion with others and drive forward. As in Debian, we are pretty much do-ocracy regarding our work - those who do the work, choose the way project will evolve. Of course we have some base decision we put all our work around and anyone who doesn’t like it has the freedom to fork and work on their ideas.

Directly regarding your post here - I agree we should make that but it is small compared to actual work we are doing on it. We definitely should post more about our work but we have a lot of more pressing things to work on.

As I see you’re eager and I approved your account, please open a wishlist bug with subject: PureOS community ideas and post all your wishes there (and also point others to it).

1.Could you show some guidelines on how to use https://tracker.puri.sm like how to report bugs ,feature request,what to and not to report.The guidelines should be at https://tracker.puri.sm

2.I think it would be great to show the current status of librem devices like what has been done, what is to be done,etc… This would greatly help frustrated backers and there would be no need for frequent updates(or posts).

  1. Yes, here you go: https://secure.phabricator.com/book/phabricator/
    Contribution guidelines for wiki (Phriction module) are here: https://tracker.puri.sm/w/contribute/guidelines/, but I haven’t finished it yet, because I stumbled on a bug which I need to solve first.

  2. Tracker is for PureOS, not Librem devices in general. For progress with Librem devices please follow our blog: https://puri.sm/news/

So is there not going to be a wiki for the Librem hardware or other OSes on the Librem hardware? I had assumed that the new wiki was going to include these topics.

Joe, for other OSes you refer to their respective wikis.

I’m not sure about wiki for Librem devices (hardware), will probably add it if there is need for it. But, do any other laptop manufacturers have a wiki for their hardware?