Purism xmpp server questions

There is or it will be an open xmpp server from purism? I mean when i will have the librem5 fo i will also have access to purism xmpp server (if there will be one) do other people who don’t own librem5, can register to this server too?
If all this will happen i whould like to switch some of my friends and family to xmpp, but they will not have librem5 or librem one, but there are apps like conversations who allow them to use this protocol of they could sign for free to your service

On librem.one it says

Librem Chat – Matrix (available now), XMPP (coming soon)

Why do you want to switch them to XMPP instead of Matrix? There are clients for every platform for both, but matrix is already supported by Purism.

I’m using matrix riot but it has too many bugs, i keep be pushed inside matrix and synapse room time to time even if i left these rooms, some personal room just vanish from riot and notification won’t work as it should be, i’ve opened the issue in github but those annoying bugs are still not fixed. I’ve tryed also riotx and seems better for notifications but it’s still in beta and became hard to hold average users to use it, i converted almost 10 ppl to use it, more than pne year ago, and now just 2 are still using the other were pissed off about bugs and device verification when someone reinstal the app.

Conversation seem more user friendly, and more similar to whatsapp and telegram so i hope to convice the other 8 guys left matrix to use this other system hoping they will like it.

A side question: on xmpp can client from different servers talk each others like the matrix federation or not?

Going back to the main question, do you know if purism xmpp server will be for pay user only or free for everyone?