PurismLibrem5 + Croudsupply Lime SDR Mini ( fully founded and developed)

Don’t have a lot of Time - so i make it short.
Since the Hardware of the Librem 5 isn’t fully chosen yet. It make a lot of sense to integrate the Lime SDR mini into the Librem5. The logical reasons are manigfold because of the nature of a software defined Radio Modul. As of my knowing, its also fully open Hard- and Software. Also it will never need any development. No Reverse Engeneering or any developmant at all. it is fully working and has complete linux support. And all the other obvius Reasons…
Can someone please spread the word to the female lead developer.
The cost would be nothing more than that crippelt whatever radio that’s not open source cause the not needed reverse engeneering would offset the higher cost of the Hardware which is currently less than 100USD.

Please everyone SPREAD THE WORD!!


I planned to get one to tinker and learn SDR, so eager to learn more about that!

Can the Lime SDR hardware actually be integrated into a phone, is it technically OK?
It claims to be open, but how open is it precisely?
Raspberry Pi too claims to be open :slight_smile:

why a mini if you can get a broader frequency range? :wink: But i guess that would be more intresting with an open baseband

While it would be technically possible to use a LimeSDR as the GSM/3G/LTE-interface in a phone, I don’t think it would be a good idea for a number of reasons. Since it’s an SDR-board, a lot of the processing would have to be done on the phones processor, which would probably decrease the battery life by quite a bit. Not to mention that the battery would need to power the LimeSDR Mini-board itself. The antennas would be quite bulky as well, and the frequency range is pretty over the top for what is needed for GSM/3G/LTE.

The phone have to be useable as a day-to-day phone as well, so compromises will naturally have to be made.

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Of course we can’t get always get what we want, but that shouldn’t stop us from
stating our wishes.