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I am reposting this tracker-free blog article so @david.hamner does not beat us to it again.


The post is all about privacy being the most important human right, yet it fails to mention the bills that threaten to force all devices to have government-controlled spyware. Even the EFF is unpinning their blog posts about these bills, like they usually do. As if it’s just another crappy thing to handle, and not a total digital rights apocalypse in the making.

True despair… is here. Everyone’s just giving up and trying their best to pretend this isn’t really happening…

Sigh… I always thought that if the digital rights movement ever lost, it would go down fighting and protesting and making a huge fuss. Remember those wild protests for SOPA and Net Neutrality? Ah, those were the good old days when we actually thought our voices mattered and that we could stand up for our rights…

Your bolded phrase has no citations to back it up. If you were somehow referring to the EFF blog post, this is what the first paragraph quotes:

There is a dramatic difference between forcing backdoors in messaging services and forcing all devices to have government-controlled spyware.

Mention my username or reply to this post when you actually have an accurate citation.

Yeah, you’re technically right, but that doesn’t make it any better…

Here’s another quote from the post:

The grant winners’ descriptions of their own prototypes clearly describe different forms of client-side scanning, in which user files are scoped out with AI before they’re allowed to be sent in an encrypted channel.

So, yeah, you won’t be forced to have spyware if you don’t use messaging apps…

But here’s the catch: client-side scanning only works if people have no control over their devices. There has to be absolutely no way at all to install a messenger that isn’t backdoored.

So in practice, in order to enforce this bill, they’ll have to go all out on cracking down on anything that gives users actual freedom. They’ll have to lock down all phones and PCs, censor the Internet to suppress jailbreaks, and seize retro computers without modern DRM.

Here’s a quote from Purism’s “Internet of Snitches” blog post:

It’s not too late to reject technology that’s not on your side. Invest in technology that gives you back the control and ownership you should have always had.

It won’t be too long before it’s too late and everything like that will be illegal… Seriously, they’re already talking about it: “UK Proposes Making the Sale and Possession of Encrypted Phones Illegal.” It’s getting pretty scary.

And to top it all off, the US and EU are heading in the same direction…