Putty or TeraTerm

I’m use to using these programs and was wondering if anyone has installed them on their laptop. Or is there a better alternative.

You can use the good old SSH. :smiley:

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I’m using putty on my L13v3 and it works like a charm.

You can download putty in a deb format from the putty site i believe.


Does Putty offer any advantages over a basic Linux terminal? It always seemed to me like it was just a patch to make Windows have a halfway decent option for SSH. I didn’t even realize they had Linux versions.

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I’m still learning Linux. Also, in order to entice others when I show them my Librum13, I always get questions if certain programs can be installed and this way I can be more knowledgeable. If that makes sense.

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It is not just a halfway decent option for SSH in Windows, it is a very decent option with batteries included.

Putty’s advantage (and disadvantage) over ssh is that it has a GUI.
Terminal programs are powerful because they are composable (through pipes).
GUI programs however have a better discoverability of options, offer graphical representation and great mouse integration by default.
It is not the question of one over the other.
Within their realms, putty and ssh are both great


Precisely. It was initially much easer to use private and public keys, set up tunneling, etc. using putty for me. I was also primarily using Windows. I’m familiar with it and how it works, and I use ssh for a lot of things, so I was just glad I had it here on pureOS, and it works exactly how it does on Windows.

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I use it mostly for CLI to Cisco equipment via console/serial connection. SSH I use for my Raspberry Pi’s.