Qemu on Librem 5 for the purpose of a more complete Anbox experience

I intend on running the Anbox image from here: https://source.puri.sm/sebastian.krzyszkowiak/anbox-image-builder/

And I intend on doing camera passthrough via Qemu. Hopefully hardware video acceleration comes soon… Either way, I am going to make it more or less barebones, and one app runs at one time in Anbox, so that I can limit system impact. I need it for Whatsapp support, and I think this is a valid way of doing it… By using Qemu to create a “point of attachment” to the Anbox img that will be build and installed on /var (like in the post). Using Qemu, another “attachment point” could be made as a extended filesystem on the SD card for SD compatibility, and access to the SD card from the Librem 5.

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