Qt programs interference and broken input

Hi! I’ve been using the L5 as my only mobile phone since I got it in February, and most of the problems I had using it are slowly getting fixed. The most frustrating thing right now is a bug which is not reported anywhere I could find (maybe it’s a problem with my setup?), and regards Qt programs “freezing” when another qt program is started.

The way to reproduce it is as follows:

  1. Open a Qt program (e.g., Telegram Desktop). It works just fine
  2. Open another Qt program (e.g., Anki, Pure Maps, FreeTube, Kiwix, you name it). This program works just fine
  3. Go back to the program opened in (1) (e.g., Telegram). Pressing keys on the keyboard does not input any text, pressing anywhere does not yield any response. However, those events (keyboard, touches) are intercepted by the program started in (2).
  4. Close program (2). Some of the functionalities of program (1) comes back (some input is processed), but others aren’t (I cannot write a message in Telegram). The only way to solve this is to close the program and start it again.

Am I the only one experiencing this? Could someone try to reproduce? Is it a known bug? Is there any log that I can share to help debug this?

The same problem happens when some dialogs get opened. For example, opening an image in a telegram chat, long-pressing on a message in order to click “reply”, many times (but not always) trigger this behaviour. Also, it’s not only Telegram Desktop that is broken, the same procedure above applies to any 2 Qt program running at the same time.

This is for me the biggest source of frustration when using the device right now (as other things, as I said, has already been fixed).


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Try to open it with an ampersend like & at the end of the Line. I think its a kind of a Bug like your Launcher end up in one FG Programm. The ampersend will start it and leave it in the Background, so it did not force your active standard in to that Process. (Edit2: Thats just a guess for Termenial Scripts).

Edit: Look here for launching and handle a QT Program in detached mode:

Which leads to:

Hope this helps how to run detached QT-Program’s. However you have to kill it if you don’t need it.

Ehm… I don’t think that’s relevant. I’m not starting programs from Qt (as the link you posted seems to suppose). I’m running those processes from phosh. Running the terminal (King’s Cross) and starting them with the & does not change this behaviour.