Qt5 with Wayland support

In this recent thread: Stellarium app on byzantium it turned out that the app Stellarium is not working (perhaps) due to a missing Wayland plugin in Qt. How this could be solved? Should I file a bug issue?

The Librem 5 has backwards compatibility with X, so it should run even if there is no wayland support in Stellarium.

Sure it is would be nicer if it natively supported wayland, but it shouldn’t crash just because it uses the Xwayland compatibility layer.

sudo apt install qtwayland5

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Sure. But pls read the thread here. Qt is reporting some 16 GByte memory for the screen.

I’ve installed this in the past, but it makes the telegram desktop app unusable.

I know, I was just stating that it was a bug under X, regardless if you enable it to run on Wayland or not.

In that case, you might be able to make telegram desktop run with Xwayland even if qtwayland5 is installed by using environment variables such as XDG_SESSION_TYPE=x11

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