Qube OS + Librem + Librem Key

I have received my laptop only yesterday. I ordered the laptop to ship with Qube OS in a USB. I have searched length and breaadth of the forum. went through few articles by CSO of purism in linux journal. Visited QubeOS. Having said that im little confused to setup and make it run, none of the posts in forum has any direct step by step answers. Can you help me set this is up with your experience?

is the laptop shipped in nov 2018 has latestest coreboot? do i need to upgrade or not?
The Qube OS shipped with purism is an installable or already installed live qube OS?
I have opened the laptop entered disc encryption password and created account and loggedinto to pureos, Now how do i install qube os to disk and make it my primary OS?
after installing Qube OS how to configure Libream Key to work with it for tamper proof and use it for signing in purposes?
the PR article posted in purism site says Librem key works out of the box, is it true or do i need to do something else?

These are my basic questions, if you start attempting to answer, we can have a kind of idiot’s guide and point new users to a workflow in one single place that helps them set up.

Community is highly helpful, there are tons of resources but its very overwhelming for me to to find where to start

Im a software developer who is comfortable with basic linux commands, but never had any system level experience in linux nor installed anything in linux. Please guide me


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Hi @ma_anand, I’ll try my best to answer some of your questions. Firstly, regarding Coreboot, here is the list of Coreboot releases: https://www.coreboot.org/downloads.html Note that it says “In general these releases are done for OEM/ODM’s and other groups who want a “stable” release base. If you are a developer or end user, we recommend that you use the master branch of the coreboot repository.”

So I doubt that any laptop shipped in November will have the December 2018 release on it.

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