Qubes 4 installer not working on librem 13

I tried to install Qubes 4 on my Librem 13, but as soon as the graphical installer tries to ask for the language it crashes. (python AttributeError)

Qubes 3 on Librem 13 works fine.
Qubes 4 on a different laptop works fine, too.
Therefore it seems that that installer does not like this hardware for some reason.

I tried to send out a bug report, but first it is not trivial to set up networking in the unfinished installer and after I got network working the bug report tool was not able to submit the bug, because it tries to use the unknown ‘Generic’ product.

Maybe someone here will have a closer look at the issue and create a proper bug report.

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I now reported that issue as a bug in the Qubes installer: https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/3050

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Yep, I had the exact same problem when i tried to install qubes last week. I’ve replied to your github issue with more details.