Qubes Battery Plugged In L14 Question

Hi all, I have read some other topics about the EC firmware and DKMS in Qubes but was hoping to get a concise update regarding battery charging for L14 Qubes.

Running qubes on older thinkpads and leaving them plugged in most of the time I have found the batteries are destroyed very quickly, due I assume to poor power/charging management.

Has this been fixed on the L14 running qubes? With the thinkpads it is easy to run them without a battery, and relatively inexpensive to replace the batteries, but I can’t afford to have my battery permanently die in an expensive L14.

In order to update EC firmware down the line, or fix how Qubes takes care of overcharging, is it relatively simple to do or would I have to install a different distro to update before returning to Qubes?

Also if anybody has any tips for running TLP or equivalent in qubes on my thinkpads I need to fix this.

Really want a L14, I hope Purism team continues their valuable efforts. Unfortunately I will have to wait until the second generation comes out and keyboard improves along with build quality. My thinkpads are tanks, but slow!

thank you

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Hey, today I’ve realized that my Librem 14 is taking a very very long time to charge. I’ve been using it since around May of this year, running QubesOS. I tend to leave the laptop plugged-in overnight, but always carry the laptop with me throughout the day (not in-use).

The current charge rate is extremely slow. It has been stuck below 10% charge capacity for nearly the whole day. I wonder if my problem is what you have described here. This was the first time I’ve allowed the battery charge to become fully depleted though. Does the Librem 14 normally take hours to charge between the 0%-10% range?