Qubes installation

Hello there,
I’d like to ask a question ti this community before taking further action.
I’ll buy a Librem 13 with pre installed Qubes if I can’t sort this out.
I’ll buy one even if i sort it but while i’m in US so it’ll be a lifesaver without paying custom taxes.
I’m a long time Tails user and it’s so simple but I wanted to switch to Qubes but as you already know it’s a lot harder for a GNU/Linux newbie.
I think i’ll be able to figure it out if i pass this last installation process.

Can you please look at this post on reddit and tell me what i’m doing wrong if you know the solution for this ?


I have tried everything for the last 2 months and i have tried this on all of my 3 PCs…

I did verify ISO and test media before the installation, first i have tried without verifying but then i deleted all and start again with verifying also checked the hardware list and i have tried with Dell Inspiron N5010 and Dell Xps15 and Hp Envy Desktop…
Facing with the same issue on every single machine i have tried also using ex SSD as an external HDD. I was thinking if it was related to WIFI cards these machines have…

Also the main issue can be this :

Failed to start Kernel Modules

Please help me if you can… I just don’t wanna pay 2.600$ + 1.500$ as custom tax without knowing OS i’ll use.

I just wanna practice some before getting deep into it.

BEST REGARDS great community.

FatBird, the fastest way to get help for Qubes is to ask for help at their website and/or mailing list: https://www.qubes-os.org/mailing-lists/.