Qubes OS - dealing with device contention on USB

Qubes lovers - I have a quandary that I’m looking to resolve. I have a double display set up where I connect an HDMI and a DVI-to-USB each to my Librem 13. I also have need of accessing network resources only available via a LAN connection. This, too, must be done via a USB-to-RJ45 connector. The challenge, I’ve realized, is that I can either have two monitors and no LAN, or LAN and one monitor due the limitation in USB controllers on the Librem. I have yet to find a way to pass a monitor from sys-usb to dom0 in such a way that it recognizes is as a valid extension of the dom0 desktop (I get a command line login screen on the DVI-USB monitor).

I have yet to find a way to pass the USB-RJ45 device to sys-net directly from dom0; that is, without using sys-usb. And, oh my, have I read and researched Qubes via their documentation, Google groups, Github issues, and Reddit. Along with reading the posts by militant.dk which are quite good too.

My current workaround is that I’ve set up a sys-usb VM that, when I need access to the LAN, I say goodbye to my second monitor and start it. It does not start by default. Once it seizes control of the USB controller, I then assign the USB-RJ45 device to sys-net and I’m off to the races.

I would LOVE a more elegant solution but I’ve exhausted my resources in understanding how to solve this solution. Does anyone have an idea that I may try? Thanks!