Qubes users: What are these boot options? Which should I use?

I just updated Qubes, and when rebooting, I get these options (see attached):


  • Qubes with Xen hypervisor
  • Qubes with Xen & Linux (different date/time attached as near as I can tell)
  • Qubes with Xen & Linux & config.

I don’t know enough about what is going on to choose the right option.

I can imagine that one of the config options is what I want, as I’ve changed some configurations. But I don’t know what the #'s mean for sure, or which to choose.

Please advise.

Looks like a kernel update and you have the old and new kernel versions. The bigger number is the most up to date, and the smaller number is your rollback. The multiple variants of each one I’m not 100% sure on but that’s what the 4.19.94 and 107 look to be.

Generally, the default option should automatically choose the latest one when you update but if that’s not the case… With only 3 options for the latest kernel I’d guess and check and just not remove the older kernel until comfortable that everything is working as intended.

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Big thanks!