QubesOS key shipped with librem did not pass check


I got my new Librem 13 with a nice USB key containing QubesOS.
When trying to boot from that key, the grub(?) menu offers me to check for integrity.
Unfortunately that check failed. :frowning:

Is that check supposed to pass? (And what is probably the reason for it to fail?)

What exactly should the stick contain? Do I get the expected result by simply dd’ing a fresh QubesOS image to the key?

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Not directly answering your questions, but speaking more generally: To my experience (and the experiences of others) Qubes 3.2 cannot easily be installed on a Librem13v2. Qubes 4.0RC1 is currently running on mine, though lacking Whonix as well as awaiting other bug fixes. RC2 is scheduled for September 4th and will hopefully better things. I advise waiting till then or even until the stable 4.0 has been released.

Potential problems I have gathered from other threads so far:

  • VT-D might be disabled in the current Librem coreboot. Can’t confirm this, because the diagnostic tool for determining it is lacking in RC1 and I haven’t tested. As I said, the new Qubes RC installed fairly fine on my machine, so this might be a false alarm.
  • Ethernet on the new Librems is only usable via USB adapter. But all USB ports are governed by only one controller onboard, thus effectively preventing use of an ethernet connection altogether within the logic of Qubes (which requires separate VMs for network connection and USB devices, but can only connect USB controllers to a VM, not single ports). It’s either ethernet, or USB devices. This is a real bummer, but so be it.
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