Quebec compatibility

Hey folks,
Just checking in if there would be problems with Librem 5 as I’m located in Quebec, Canada.
Counsel is welcome.

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@DemBeesDoneStolenAll ?

Quebec is a little pocket of french canadians in north america. Everything is done differently there. The legal system is not English law, unlike all the common wealth countries.
It’s pretty much my first real phone, so I’m trying to chime in if Librem 5 would be compatible there… if someone has more of a clue than I do about cellphone networks.

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Tee hee, had to :wink:

Anyhow, according to the band chart; For national carriers, I know Rogers will work but Iḿ praying for a cheaper option.

Hehehe. If Rogers then all subsidiaries will work too? Which means… Chatr, which is cheap.

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Holy shitballs Rogers is ridiculously expensive.

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I dont know because they just offer dropdown lists of phone models :frowning: , but that would make sense…hopefully so.


@charleslaf I have a Librem5 chestnut version, and it works on Videotron / fizz network in Quebec.

Fizz have a bad sim card setup and are advertising IPv6 and IPv4 support which was confusing the libqmi. Which was preventing the GSM data to go up, voice was working but not Internet.

I got help from Sebastian Krzyszkowiak on matrix chat channel, and he figured out the fix for this. I am guessing that this fix ( which is just one AT command issued on the GSM modem ).


I think this spreadsheet for Canadian providers will help you:

When I get mine, I will be using Telus in Ontario. Seems to support the most bands.

Je pense que ce tableur pour les fournisseurs Canadiens vous aiderez.

Quand je recevrais le mien, je vais continuer de utiliser Telus, en Ontario. Il semble d’appuyer la plupart des bandes.