Question about long term battery life

I’m tired of needing to upgrade an $800 piece of hardware every year/ 2 years.

I’m hoping the librem won’t be designed to break down after two years. I’m not asking about how long it can play videos, I’m asking how long the battery can last before it becomes useless.

Also, if the battery can be replaced, how long will the other hardware pieces last?

What is the general life expectancy of the phone?


As far as I know the battery won’t be hot swappable, but it will be replaceable. I don’t think we’ve heard anything about capacities yet, just something about the phone being thicker because of the custom board and components and the eventual battery.

With the promised battery replaceable feature your fears are moot. Purism gets you (and you aren’t alone feeling the way you do about the built in failure of Smartphones today).


The I.MX 8M says something about “15-year Longevity Program” on its product page, can’t really find any component lifetimes as it’s also dependant on how you use them I guess.

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I’ll also just add that Purism products are designed with the user in mind. The goal is that the user owns the product, and should be able to replace/repair most components to improve longevity.

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@JonQ as far as i know long term battery life is heavily influenced by how much and how frequent your battery gets depleted over the course of each day.

my theory is that if you can stop the actual battery inside the librem 5 smartphone from depleting and somehow have another primary source of power depletition (this one you can sacrifice in order to not have the hassle of having to remove the battery from inside the phone) - then you wouldn’t care if the battery inside the librem 5 is hot-swapable (it would be ideal but hey !)

i propose to just use the external BlackBerry Charger for Q10s NX1 hot-swap-able battery and just use a female micro usb to male usb-c adapter and tape it on the back of the phone if that isn’t to much of an inconvenience to you (better yet just use double sided-adhesive velcro). it can both charge and power at the same time if you use a secondary usb cable with a wall plug or directly connect to a powered usb port on the pc.