Question about OS on librem 5

How will Linux is run on a phone by that I mean terminal how will you launch that will there be a on screen keyboard as Linux is designed for mouse and keyboard and will there be terminal on the distorts or will they be dumbed down? Or will you have to us your pc to do this?

Don’t know what PureOS will look like on the phones, but I’d think you would have a full onscreen keyboard, or you could always just connect an external keyboard.

I wan any OS as it runs on many like Debian distros.

You can get a terminal app for Android. So it shouldn’t be too difficult.

There will definitely be some sort of on-screen keyboard. How else are we expected to write messages?!

But I’m also thinking of trying a Twiddler 3. It might be a good way to use applications that haven’t been optimised for mobile. (If you can put up with re-learning how to type.)

There will be a Terminal with a virtual keyboard, see

Will it work with other distros

@TreePine it will work best with Debian based gnu+linux distributions as that is what PureOS is based on.

also Debian is one of the first >>

I’m hopeful to get Fedora running on this. I’ll obviously give pureOS a fair shot first, but as my computers mostly use fedora it would be nice to have that on the go for comfort.
Though I must say playing with the emulator may help convince me not to switch on arrival :wink: