Question about Screen Lock

Hello everyone,

I’ve been setting up my Librem 5 and noticed an option in Settings > Privacy > Screen Lock called Forbid new USB devices When I toggled this option, it asked for my password but still toggled it after I canceled the password prompt twice.

I’m wondering if this is a minor graphical bug or unintended behavior. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Let me know if you have any insights!


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Sounds like unintended behavior.

I guess my question would be: did it actually change any behaviour? i.e. did it “forbid new USB devices”?

It is possible that the presentation and even storage of the setting is controlled at the user level but actually making the change requires root access (sudo) and the user interface didn’t notice that the sudo actually failed. (In that case, you should toggle it back off, again canceling the password prompt, so that things are back in sync.)

It does sound like a bug.

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