Question concerning the Hardware

What is

Reader with 2FF card slot (SIM card size) ?

Are you referring to the smart card reader?
From the FAQ:
Smartcard Reader 2FF format smart cards”

See: - description tells sizes (full-size SIM card (1FF), Mini SIM card (2FF), Micro SIM card (3FF) and Nano SIM card (4FF))

Thank you. But I do not understand for what I can use it?

I take it to mean that the GSM SIM used with phone is that size, used with that reader. Phone needs a SIM (not using virtual).

In this topic SmartCard reader? I found a very different answer. That seems not to be the SIM-card reader used for working with a carrier.

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@Caliga may have better intel. This is just one more small thing that has not been properly introduced… yet. As soon as the final specs were announced everyone - me included - has been curious about all the details.