Question for the developers of PureOS

What VPN do you recommend? You must use one. Which one do you use?

I think the Tor exit node is unencryped and a targeted by the Information Technology industry.

So please tell me, which one do you use…

I’m not a pureos developer myself, but I’m guessing that pureos developers would recommend the VPN that purism themselves are providing in for more information. (I’m using it myself).

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I’m not a developer but I have done quite of bit of research on the subject. Mullvad and IPVN are at the top of any list of VPNs that truly respect privacy. Both are very active in educating users and offer the option of paying for services in cash.

Also consider using Qubes OS if you are serious about your privacy and security. Purism makes one of the best modern laptops in the world for running Qubes.

I did send an email to the purism support staff and you are right, they do endorse the product. Thanks!

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