Question on HEADS Support with TPM and updates


I’m assuming that any progress made with HEADS support and the new GUI you’ve made will be able to be installed via an update a user can install, correct? Similar to how coreboot is managed right now I assume.

Also, I’d like to express my need for updates of firmware that are distro agnostic – or can at least be installed by booting a PureOS livecd (actually, that would be a great addition to the livecd). This isn’t a need right now per say, but I feel that it should be kept in mind if the simplification of the update process is done through PureOS.

Yes, that’s our plan.


You can already do this from PureOS live session, with the installation script.

Awesome. Great to hear!

It’s been a while and since this thread is still open, I thought I’d touch base and see if there are any updates or expectations when Heads GUI coreboot update for the Librem 13v2 and relevant documentation might be available. I just received the Librem Key and am now itching to begin using it. I know, in Kyle’s blog, that he said it will be a little while, but … Any updates?