[question] where to download librem os images and firmware

where can i download the os images and firmware for the librem laptops and the librem phone?


It has the .iso files for PureOS, which is what comes with the Librem laptops and is planned (as far as I know) for the phone.

but that only has the ones for the laptops not the phone and tablet and stuff which use ARM probably

The phone and tablet don’t exist yet. The phone SDK hasn’t been released either as far as I know (and I’m not sure about tablet). And the current official word states that the tablet uses Intel, while the phone will use either the i.MX 6 or i.MX 8 from NXP.

So at least as far as I’m aware (though I’m by no means close to an expert), then the link I posted is all there is.


but will os images be downloadable?

PureOS, and everything Purism is fighting for, is open source, so I expect you should be able to find everything you want/need when the time comes. But I’m not affiliated with Purism, so I can’t speak for them

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As far as the BIOS is concerned, this will only work on the librum. there is a chance the BIOS would also work on the refrance design that Purism is using. if you try to use the purism coreboot on any other system there us a big chance you will brick your non Librium system

According to the Yahoo Support is there any possibilities to download the OS images on that process in any system?