Question: Will the Librem 5 be able to run Replicant?

Will the Librem 5 be able to run an official version of Replicant?

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That would be a question for the Replicant forums. A simple timing analysis suggests that you are Nick Wow from the replicant forums and that you have already asked over there.

The short answer is: Yes, in theory.

The long answer is: Somebody would have to port replicant to the Librem 5. If anybody gets replicant working on the LIbrem 5, I see no reason that the replicant project would reject it and therefore it “will be able” to run an “offical version” of Replicant. However, booting ANY REPLICANT (official or not) will require porting work. If nobody does this, we won’t have it.

The bigger question than is: Is there anybody currently working on porting replicant to the Librem 5?
And, how can we non-replicant-porters help? Do the replicant porting people have somewhere we can send money to help purchase new Librem 5s after the old ones accidentaly get bricked? Can I donate money to help them eat while their time writing software I want? Can I help write documentation?

@OverallGain, are you ready to donate to somebody who will help with Replicant porting? Are you looking for a way to get involved in the project? Remember, replicant is supported by a few people in their spare time. They don’t have big budgets or fancy anything. And they don’t receive enough thanks.

PS: If a replicant development person reads this, thank you for your work toward freedom.

Would be nice for Purism to sell a dev board to the Replicant’s developers, if they are interested ofc, this way they can start the work and have something ready when the actual phone comes out.

I know, no one can officially buy a dev board now, but who knows, maybe Purism could make an exception for them :heart:

June 1st was the last day when people could buy them.

@Ggnsjgcgdg, perhaps if you email Purism customer support you could work something out.