Questions about Dogwood and phone calls

@lipu, Thanks for the graph and your assessment of calling. We have so few people with Dogwood giving their impressions of the phone.

I have this same problem using speaker mode during calls in LineageOS 16.

I wonder if this is a universal problem or a problem specific to your carrier. If you don’t mind me asking, which cellular network provider are you using?

There is not yet software support for MMS. See: Librem5 MMS Question

Do you have any estimates with the screen on?

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This is most likely an issue related with the carrier. I can makes calls with without loosing internet access. In my case it can drop to 2G where there is a bad coverage from my carrier. But even with 3G I can make calls and have internet access


We should have echo cancellation filters in place soonish. Meanwhile, lowering the volume may help.

There’s no VoLTE, so it drops to 3G when in call. This would mean that there’s no 3G reception where you live, so it makes it drop all the way to 2G (but data should still work, although much slower - unless there’s something wrong carrier side of course).


I have this issue on my Linux laptop as well.
By default bluetooth headsets will go into the “H2DP” profile which means high quality audio only, but it’s possible to switch it to “HFP” with programs like pavucontrol to get the mic working, but then the sound is atrocious. It’s unfortunately not possible to have H2DP sound with the mic enabled from HFP at the same time.

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Maybe you might be interested in this review.

I do :slight_smile:


Maybe it’s just radiowave harmonics, then it could be the carrier’s problem. Does it go away when you’re in another area?

Or maybe the echo is just NSA’s repeater after they’ve retransmitted your call back to their servers? (Did they forgot to fit a feedback diode?)

[Edit to add comment on delay length.]

Tele2, Sweden. Had no issues with them using other phones.

Ah, forgot about GPRS… But nowadays that would be about the same as no data connection :wink:

Thanks for the explanation. I’ll investigate, but I do doubt there would be no 3G signal.

That’s excellent news! (I didn’t mean to start a support issue in a forum thread, but I guess it’s good more people get to see it anyway.)

The delay is so long, that it doesn’t disturb the conversation the way a short delay does. It’s annoying, for sure, but at least you don’t get interrupted by yourself 100 ms after you started talking :wink:

That terse post left out important information. So, while I think you’re right, in this case it doesn’t help. Switching to HFP/HSP drowns my ears in deafening noise. No conversation can be heard through that. Perhaps not what you referred to, but atrocious describes it well…

BTW, this issue - like so many other - is being worked on. We may be worried about not getting enough official news from the trenches, but Purism are hard at work and things improve.


I’m a bit busy, but I’ll check in regularly and try to respond to questions. Please be patient :slight_smile:

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Yes, when I said atrocious I didn’t mean “I am an audiophile and it sounds bad” but actually mean that it sounds horrible.

I just found a PR fixing this. There implementation is quite controversial however as it removes a feature (ofono) to be able to easily implement this new feature.

It’s not Purism who has made the PR, but I can see a comment from a Purism employee in the discussion so they do seem to track it at least.

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Anyone with a Dogwood and the new battery and a caliper: can you measure the physical specs of it: height, width, length and placement and size of contacts? Pics? I’m looking at chargers…

Let me add to JF-Ri’s request for Dogwood owners. Please measure the weight and the dimensions of Dogwood.

Chestnut weighed 230g and measured 150 x 75 x 15.5 mm, and I would like to know if anything has changed in Dogwood for the Comparing specs of upcoming Linux phones table.

CC: @lipu, @dos

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I added your cellular provider to the Community Wiki:

Please add info there if you know what bands you have tested.

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Can’t find my caliper right now, but using a ruler yields “the same” measurements as for Chestnut. I’d say any changes are pretty small.

The phone weighs 240 g, out of which 62 g is the battery alone.


I will, if I get around to do more specific testing :slight_smile:

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Great. I added that info.

10 g more weight is the tradeoff of having a bigger battery. I love the idea of a modular phone and using separate components, but the L5 isn’t going to win any fashion awards.

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Are the battery measurements somewhere? And the contacts on them?

Pssst. Measure three Triple A’s. (Humor.)

Caution though, it was specifically stated that Evergreen will be 3 mm longer than Dogwood: Blog Post: Librem 5 Evergreen Update: Mold and Milestones


As viewed from the back side of the phone:
Battery measures 57.2(w) x 51.5 x 10.5 mm.

Contacts are located centered left/right and at the bottom of the top narrow side of the battery. There are three of them and they occupy an area approx. 4 mm high and 6 mm wide. Polarity is - to the left, + to the right.

(Sorry for taking almost a month to reply.)