Questions about Dogwood and phone calls

Continuing the discussion from Librem 5 media (photos and videos):

Here are the people that have posted that they received Dogwood:

Plus there’s one reviewer and one postmarketOS dev:

If you have questions, I recommend that you ask them directly.

It has been established that cellular calls, SMS and data can work on the Librem 5, but the big question is which cellular networks and bands are compatible, so I would ask that everyone contribute to this wiki page, when they have tested a particular cellular provider:

PS: @Caliga gets annoyed when we mess up her Librem 5 media (photos and videos) thread, so please move the discussion here.


Dogwood: State tree of Virginia, New Jersey and Missouri. State flower of North Carolina. (Excuse the irrelevance.)

We’re getting used to it.


So… 2 people in the whole forum? Well, honestly I was expecting more

I think a lot of people decided to postpone till Evergreen when Purism told them about the crashes caused by the I2C bus. It turned out that they had a software workaround within a couple days, but customers didn’t know that was coming.


I joined the Forum to show that it did go out. Admittedly I’ve watched it without joining it before. That was the main reason why I did, all the people wondering if it would and did. I’ve had corps spying on me for years and seeing everything I buy. So showing who I am, where I am, and as much data from the phone to you guys is fine with me.

Even more so as I plan to cut ties with all these corps for good in a few weeks time. Personally I likely won’t go dark on here until after evergreen, but I could not stand by after waiting on getting my phone, and seeing others worrying without doing something to set their fears to rest while I have mine.

So here I am. The few others? Likely have been dark due to the nature of who this sort of product appeals to.


If you don’t mind my asking, what country are you in?

USA, NJ. I’m planning on moving in a few weeks time due to my parents not thinking this is an ideal place to retire. You may be able to guess why.

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Will your existing modem work in your new location? :slight_smile:
That would be a pain - waited X years, only just got your phone, and have to order a different modem and install it …

Realistically? I’m not sure that is the case due to the Modem being on an M.2, but I would likely have to go threw purism for it. As for the move, I’m willing to say it will be within the nation, so I will not have to deal with that issue.


OK. Misunderstanding on my part. Enjoy. :slight_smile:

Moving state in this nation is as big a deal and moving to a different nation in the EU, so it’s not really a misunderstanding. I will, and if you have any questions about the phone or anything you’ed like me to try just ask and I will once I get to it. Keep in mind as my classes ramp up my posts will be less common.

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Sorry, I thought you were already subscribed to the forum, my bad. Welcome!

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It happens. It’s no big issue at all.

I’m not sure why, there aren’t that many people on the forum so you’re talking a small percentage of total purchases. It’s also been clear that only a small percentage of phones have been shipped so that would be a small percent of a small percent.

On top of that I expect a decent percentage of people whom purchased a Librem 5 won’t be posting about it publicly as that’s normally a small percentage of people that do that, most of them are generally bloggers/influencers/have some ties to the company.

So 2 people that aren’t in some way associated with purism/journalism is a pretty reasonable number given that I would expect it to be a low percentage of people posting of the low percentage of phones shipped.

A small percentage thrice over once you take into account the issues they warned of in the lead up to shipping the batch. We have, one person comparing two different phones they have in passing, and me, a person that went out of their way to try and bring some peace of mind to others. Expecting anyone to go out of their way out of a group that is likely a few dozon people at best is… The anxiety talking? I know I was freaking out really bad those last few weeks leading up to getting my tracking number. That’s why I’m on here now.


I put in for first come first serve Spring of last year. Later, I was informed of the batch I would be getting. I think it will be Evergreen (my memory is going hazy, roll again).

I freaked out last December because of all the hardware issues with overheating, shutting down, excessive drain,.signal , etc.
Figured , I want a daily driver and having everything delayed for another year I wanted a Fir instead. Wasn’t able to move choose that and asked for refund, because I needed money for a phone I can enjoy for a long time before Liibrem can truly replace it. I just didn’t have 600 for a spare/ extra phone to carry around.
Now, I do regret a little. Though, if evergreen gets ironed out enough for tlmy use case, I would gladly pay that 150-200 extra from original backer price.

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I can make and receive calls on my Dogwood phone. It works quite well when using headphones, but there are some problems:

  • using the speaker phone, the other party hears their voice echoed back after approx. a second
  • sound level is a bit weak
  • Bluetooth headsets only work for sound playback, not for calling
  • I have issues with the proximity sensor leading to lots of spurious touch events when using the phone’s earpiece
  • phone drops to 2G during calls, cutting all internet access
  • I keep forgetting the mic kill switch, because there is no indication in the UI

SMS works, too. Haven’t tried MMS.


These are my maximum runtime estimates, based on a small number of shorter observations.

Runtime seems slightly longer with a data-only SIM than with a voice-enabled SIM.

Numbers assume that you drain the battery all the way from 100% down to 0%, which is not such a good idea in practice. Getting about 75% seems more reasonable. That’s about 8h idle in shutdown mode, or 3:20 calling with screen off.