Questions about ordering the Librem 5

After some research in various areas about what I am personally seeking in a phone, the Librem 5 has appeared to me to be the best phone that I could get that fits my needs. Perhaps a more thorough investigation is required to be sure, but this is where I am at right now. But before I pull the trigger on this, I have some questions.

First being, if I order the Librem 5 now, how long will it take to arrive? I have read about some people waiting quite some time for their order to arrive, although most of those were a while ago. How are shipping times now in 2024?

And, if I order now, which version of the phone will I receive? I see that there are different code names which I assume are for slightly different models. I am mainly curious because the spare battery you could purchase is for the Evergreen model, only? If not I could use some clarification on that.

I guess that’s just a couple of questions, but they are the ones I have not been able to find answers to elsewhere.


15 business days to process the order, then additional transportation time which varies depending on your country, customs, etc.

Evergreen batch.


Aha, okay excellent. Thank you for the assistance :slight_smile:



Ordered 30-Apr-2024
Ready for shipping 02-May-2024
Import duty paid to DHL 03-May-2024
Due for delivery by end of day 07-May-2024

I’d advise ordering a second battery, and make sure you specify the correct modem for your region.



Good to know, thank you!

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