Questions about the Librem 14


I had some questions about the Librem 14:

  • What’s the difference in battery life (hours wise) between the 3-cell and 4-cell batteries?

  • As far as I understand, PureBoot only accounts for the integrity of Coreboot. Is there any way to account for the integrity of the OS that is booted via a checksum mechanism to be sure the OS hasn’t been tampered with?

  • Is the monitor an IPS screen?

  • Does Purism do anything special (with coreboot or elsewhere) while installing the ISO for Qubes, or does it work out of the box and exactly the same way if I setup the OS myself? How difficult would it be for me to install a copy of Qubes OS on it?

  • What are the chances that something goes wrong with the manufacturing i.e. how certain is it that the Librem 14s will be ready and ship in around 6 weeks? What would the possible delay times be?

  • If I purchase with Bitcoin, am I able to get my money back after a certain period if it doesn’t ship?

  • Is it possible to boot from both the 1st and 2nd hard drive slots in a 3-cell battery setup? Are the hard drive slots pretty standardized and easy to find online or does it have to be ordered with the laptop?

Anthony Saar

That is already an option. Your choice of directories in the root partition can additionally be covered in order to ensure that they haven’t been tampered with - on top of the contents of the boot partition.

Yes, this is my understanding - and you can find discussion in this forum of customers changing the storage devices subsequently.

Your questions that relate to terms and conditions or shipping from Purism would need to be directed to Purism (



The process is automated and encrypting the hard drive(s) with LUKS is manually configured post-installation instead of pre-installation.

Installing Qubes OS using the OEM or official installer is easy if you already have experience installing other Linux distribution images.

Not sure, lead times are estimates, and possible delays include anti-interdiction or other custom requests.

Probably, although it likely depends on the stage of fulfillment.

Yes, I use Qubes OS using both drives. The slots use M.2 2280 drives and the CPU supports up to PCIe 3.0. The drives themselves are variable at the time of order, which is why there are no listed models on the product page.

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Its impossible to tell hour wise. The absolute time depends on operating system, software you run, display backlight, RAM modules, hard drives usage, etc.

But the 4-cell battery should give you 1/3 more time than 3-cell. For example if in your setup and usage pattern runs 3 hours with 3-cell than it should be 4 hours with 4-cell.