Questions on the Librem 13 Warranty As Well As Few Others

I’m about to buy a Librem 13, but I have a few questions:

  1. I am out of the country currently and will have the laptop sent to my house where it will stay for a few months, unopened. If I return and the laptop does not work out of the box, will this be covered by the warranty?
  2. Another question about the warranty; what exactly is covered by it?
  3. If I buy a Librem 13 with the M.2 (SATA?) 250GB SSD option, will I be able to place another SSD in the other storage space? If so, what will be needed to do that? Would that invalidate the warranty?

Thank you for your time Purism team!

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Alright I figured out the information regarding the warranty by poking around the site. Stil have no idea about what would be needed to fit the SSD in the other storage space though.

I’m not a part of the Purism team, but I can confirm that you can have a M.2 SSD alongside a SATA SSD since this is my setup. I bought the device with a SATA SSD and added a M.2 SSD, so I had the frame which is needed for the SATA device. I don’t know if it is included if you buy a Librem without a SATA SSD.
The Purism team suggests often in this forum to open the laptop and to do this or that, so I can’t imagine that the warranty would be affected if you open the device.

What exactly is the frame like for the SATA SSD? Is it fixed to some part of the chassis or is it a part that can be removed? I’m just trying to figure out if it is added on a per order basis (ie if the order includes a SATA SSD or not).

Its just a simple metal frame around the ssd which is then attached to the chassis. I can post a picture tomorrow.

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Thank you for the photos. I did a bit of digging and found the dimensions of the SSDs Purism uses, so I might as well post them here for anyone that needs them. The dimensions are 98.7x69.55x7mm and I found them via the amazon page of the ssd. The dimensions are similar (only a few mm off) to the Samsung 860 EVO, so I’m sure it would be possible to seat the Samsung SSD in the frame.