Quiet Time all the Time?

One thing I noticed on Librem One mail on my phone is the “Quiet Time” in Notification Settings.

Oddly enough you only get to configure it for a certain range of hours. So if you want quiet time all day you have to tell it to start at a certain hour then tell it to quit a few minutes before. It leaves a few minutes of exposure to notifications at least once a day.

In other words there seems to be no way to tell to turn notifications off.

Just saying, it could be a new feature for next iteration.

Since you are talking about the Librem One mail app on your phone, I imagine you are talking about an Android device. While I think your suggestion has some merit, couldn’t you just use the Android notification settings to disable notifications for the Librem Mail app if you want to remove all notifications?

It’s the same sound as it is for a text.* So when I hear it, I pick up my phone, and I see that there is a number next to the Librem Mail icon not the text icon. So I say to myself, “Ah it’s just an email.” No need to respond right away.

So in other words I would want notifications for text, but not email so much.

(* Although I should probably check it it can make a different sound for email. Then I would know just by hearing.)

Right, well, I’m not entirely sure about customizing the sound (I keep my phone on vibrate 100% of the time), but if you do just want to disable notifications for the Librem One Mail app, you can do that through your settings app (that is, the standalone Android settings app, not any settings menu within the mail app). Something like Settings --> Apps & Notifications --> See all apps, then find the app, and toggle “Show notifications” to off.


Well then, ask and you shall receive. Thanks!

(I had no thought I should go into the droid settings instead of the Librem One settings. I thought the Librem One settings should be my one stop shop.)

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If you decide you do want a different sound for email notifications instead of them being off all the time, that is also something you can change in droid settings.

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