Quirky forum behavior

This post has two replies. The first reply is stated to be the post above it. Which clearly isn’t right. I pressed the wrong button. That Reply link shouldn’t be there.

I’m going to make some comments in this thread to see if I can deliberately achieve the result you show in that thread. If I can, I’ll see if I find a way to fix it

Edit: linking to post below to see if that does anything

Edit 2: Clicking edit on this post after first clicking reply to the bottom post

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This is now the second comment.

Edit: trying with the post below now

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Hmm, yeah, I do not know what sort of sequence can generate that issue.

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I have encountered this problem before, and also don’t know how to reproduce it in the same way that it sometimes occurs “accidentally”, when I don’t think I’ve replied to a specific post.

However, I just had an idea about how to remove the thing that says it’s a reply to a specific post. This post will initially be (meaninglessly) in reply to @taylor-williamc, but then I will attempt to edit it so that it is not.

OK, so that is not an option. I thought the option to “Reply to topic” might be available when editing a reply. It is not. It is only available when composing the original post:
Screenshot showing that there is an option to "Reply to topic" in the menu that drops down from the unlabelled forward curling arrow thing when composing a new post.

(I am not sure why they have used a “redo” style arrow to symbolise “reply”. A reply icon would normally have the arrow pointing the other way.)

Someone more knowledgeable than me probably should file a bug report with Discourse on their GitHub page for the common good. I mean someone who has ever posted such bug reports. Wait! There is no “Issues” tab on their page. But I’m not an expert on GitHub.

I think there are two things we don’t currently have but which would be useful in order to report this as a bug:

  1. A clear idea of what the bug actually is!
  2. Ideally, some confirmation that it’s not just a bug in Purism’s instance of Discourse, and is present in the upstream project. (Not essential.)
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