Radio fm in case of natural disaster

in case of natural disaster. some governments have asked that the phones have a built-in radio. Have you thought about it? you plan to install one?
thank you

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to my knowlege disater aproved devices exist but they are bulky and specialized hardware which require a license for the broadcast frequency. check any reputable manufacturer of survival and emergency equipment and see for yourself (Midland)
radio in phones is just like catching a few local air towers, some music, maybe a somewhat accurate news report, scandals, commercials and pointless chit-chat. that is what it’s like where i’m from.

Despite reC’s comments FM Radio use is the simplest method of securing information for news (or entertainment). The following link discusses the issue
Some bad radio does not render FM functionality useless or pointless.
Many would appreciate it as an option.

There has been a discussion about this here:

and the only answer from purism people so far, is unfortunately, a
“probably no”. We must keep pressing :slightly_smiling_face:

It is wiser to include a FM radio receiver possibility in case of unexpected cellular absence, isn’t it?

you would probably also require a pair of headphones in the case of a librem 5 device for the antennae

A simple battery operated radio is probably more practical in a disaster. It will keep going much longer than a phone if the power’s out.


I would like to have a fm receiver on librem5. But it’s ok if not.
In fact I really prefer a fm transmitter