RAID on Librem 15 with qubes os

Is it possible to manage any kind of RAID on the selected configuration?

Out of curiosity, what devices are you planning to RAID across? I understood that the Librem laptops have a single drive slot plus the NVMe slot. Are you envisioning you would RAID between an NVMe SSD and a 2.5" SATA SSD? Kind of strange with the differing I/O rates of those technologies.

is it possible to add another sata port?

I mean, it’s a laptop form factor, so probably only external SATA if an eSATA port exists.

RAID is more or less required for any professional use. So, the device lacking two ports that operate at same speed is a negative TBH

People should have PCIe * 2 so that the RAID can be created

Not sure having just PCI2*2 will have any down sides. I clearly see the form factor going down, but not sure about any other downsides