Random Pureboot anomaly: Available drive missing in boot menu?

I’m trying to boot from an external encrypted drive. Sometimes Pureboot will show the drive as sdc…other times sdc1 and sdc2. I need to be able to boot using sdc2.

Nothing I can tell changes. I just have to reboot until it sees the other partitions. Sometimes this takes several boots, and so far is a no-go solution.

Anyone know what might be going on? Are there any params I can change that would ensure Pureboot always loads sdc1 & 2 drive boot options?

This isn’t terribly helpful, but PureBoot is consistently seeing the drive (sdc) but not the partitions (sdc1 & sdc2).

Would you be able to use the device uuid instead?

find /dev/disk/by-uuid/

The problem seems to be Pureboot doesn’t always see the partitions. As near as I can tell, partitions would share the same UUID I believe.

Each partition will have it’s own unique uuid: ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/

If pureboot has issues seeing partitions sometimes at least using the uuid would help if that particular partition is available. I have no clue about that issue btw, sounds annoying.

How would I config pureboot to see the UUID?

I would assume there is nothing to configure. It either works, or it does not.

It could very well be that uuid is at a higher level (further in the boot process) than where pureboot operates, in which case my advice is useless.

It might be worth trying a different USB port or external drive.

I did try that. It doesn’t seem to change anything.