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In authoring a letter to the company, I realized it’s nature to suggest riske propositions, some might have support; some might seem too vain.
I have not recieved response in more than 3 days, where I find this likely to indicate none is to come, nothing begrudges this thread.
The ideas tempered into written word where not meant to sycophantly serve nor to act as any proof of competency, but-rather they were meant to encourage higher aim.

I feel it is the community’s duty to discuss ambitious ideas with order-of-priority based on realism.
If any feel these ideas are at all realistic, I encourage discussion whether negative or positive; whether reflect on desire-ability or criticism of any sort, but only comment if you agree the ideas presented are realistic.

Without further adieu, folks, here is the letter. Voila!

  • Correction: Discuss, not comment
  • Otherwise, if you feel they are unrealistic, point-it-out in reply to present discussion but only if discussion is present, in order to tone down or discourage (not encourage) perspectives based on misinformation or popularly discredited hypothesis. If there was a down-vote feature, I would encourage it’s use under such circumstances.

Or choose to maintain your individuality in haow you react.
Dis is most preferrable!

eaterjolly, thanks for your letter, it was interesting to read your insights and suggestions. We will take it into consideration.

Thanks for your interest in Purism!

Kind regards

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