Re-checking of Librem5 after 4 months of abstinence

after 4 months I wanted to check if the problems that were bothering me had been fixed.

  1. Bluetooth headphones audio stutter
  2. bluetooth keyboard connection breaks
  3. Wifi 2.5GHz fluctuating throughput. Often upload higher than download
  4. Whether maybe now my Minix USB-C hub via HDMI shows a stutter-free picture?
  5. Video 4 Linux hardware accelerated video playback with FFMPEG

To anticipate it. Nothing has changed for me!
on my other Linux devices (notebook, mini PC, tv box) I don’t have any of the above problems!
I’ve installed all the updates. Many again without description of what kind of software this is and what it enhances.

I configure and experiment with the librem5 from my living room couch. I connect my living room TV to the USB-C hub i-tec found here:

It was another frustrating experience.
Often the connection to the Bluettoth keyboard broke down and I constantly hammered on the keyboard to reconnect.
Copying files from the NFS-NAS to the Librem5 sometimes ran with only 4Mit/s.
In the process, the bandwidth has fluctuated greatly.
The same with downloads from the internet. the best result was 20Mbit/s download and 25Mbit/s upload. It should be 50/30!

I then wondered how these wifi fluctuations come about and did various tests.

  1. Without USB-C hub, placed on the floor at a distance of one meter from the WiFi access point without touching it.
    Signal strength good
    20MBit down / 20Mbit up

  2. Without USB-C hub, placed on the floor at a distance of 6 meters in a direct line through an open door to the WiFi access point without touching it.
    Signal strength good
    20MBit down / 23Mbit up

  3. Without USB-C hub, placed on the couch at a distance of 8 meters through a wall without touching it.
    Signal strength good
    6.5MBit down / 8.1Mbit up

  4. Same test as 3) but with USB-C hub connected
    Signal Strength OK
    500Kbit down / 130Kbit up

I then repeated tests 1) and 2) also with the USB-C hub connected and the bandwidth did not collapse!

My impression now is that if all Bluetooth or WiFi 2.5GHz devices are close to each other it works sufficiently well.
If you are in the “outer” reception area and have a USB-C hub connected, there will be connection interruptions and poor bandwidth.
With Bluetooth already at >~2 meters. When I put the keyboard to the side at arm’s length.
With WiFi already less than 10 meters through a wall!

Has anyone had similar experiences?

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I don’t know if this exactly helps you, but I have had a decent experience when I plug in a USB-c dock that offers USB A ports, and HDMI, such that I can then plug in USB A mouse and keyboard and a 4k monitor from my desktop. I always immediately go into settings and lower the resolution from 4k down to about 1080p if I’m feeling bold, or 1280x720 if I want to be sure to avoid over heating.

But I don’t really use bluetooth, so I can’t add much there.

ATM i can Not Say or Help anything till Crimson.


Purism Community.

I doubt it that Crimson will fix the above issues.
Also, it’s written in the stars when Crimson will be available on librem5, right?

Why not? Massive fixes is in Hold because Crimson like improvents like ur issues and my wishes: Support LDAC to Librem 5 - #4 by carlosgonz

Yes very Soon. :wink:

i’ll re-check once Crimson is available.

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There is a company named after a microkernel based unix-like OS?

that’s the usb-c hub i use with my linux notebook:

wasn’t ware of Minix OS.
looks like there are two Minix companies!