Re-design, Please!?

It is possible to re-design Librem 5. have 3 camera similar as Samsung Galaxy phones? Have silver aluminum chassis? or offer more color of choices as Green, Gray, Wood color, and etc.

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It may help to clarify your position in the market as far as the Librem 5 goes. e.g.

  • you are currently the owner of a Librem 5 and are giving feedback for a future revision
  • you don’t own a Librem 5 but are considering buying one and this is product feedback
  • you don’t own a Librem 5 but are considering buying one and this is a showstopper

Please understand that most people who participate in this forum are just customers and hence are expressing opinions that are not reflective of the opinion that Purism holds unless expressly stated.

My opinion is that offering cosmetic choices can be a problem for a niche product where the volumes are low.

To some extent cosmetic choices could be catered for via cases and skins i.e. fitted over the basic phone. Whether that would meet your needs I don’t know.

You mean 3 rear or 3 in total?

There’s nothing inherently wrong with having more cameras, although it would help to know what specifically you want from having more cameras (e.g. wide-angle? or e.g. 3D?). I guess it’s a question of meeting a need somewhere between

  • basic - one rear camera is fine


  • professional - will use a dedicated (expensive) DSLR camera (or the prosumer with a dedicated mid-range regular digital camera)

Where do you see yourself?

It’s certainly valid feedback for a future revision.

My “other” phone has 2 rear cameras but I have to admit I very rarely swap between them. So it would be 99% fine for me if it had only 1 rear camera. The second rear camera is basically wasted on me.

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I am very interesting in Librem 5, I wish to be professional photographer. That is one of the reason.

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Oof, we have trouble enough making the most out of 2 cameras. Another one would not help right now, unless someone from the community steps in to help :stuck_out_tongue:


Since the chassis is metal, it should not be much of an issue to subcontract batches of chassis for color anodizing other than black.

If you’re interested in practicing composition, any camera will do.
For taking photos professionally, (as in for hire, or for sale) get a camera, not a phone.


Can I buy as second hand?

see Librem 6 Look Ahead Wishlist