Re: librem-5-smartphone-final-specs-announced

A purism rep checked and advised they are not using PWM on the L5 for led management.

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For those concerned about the L5’s 720 resolution, remember that the Nintendo Switch has a 720p screen, and it’s larger than the L5. I don’t think it’ll be as big a deal as it’s made out to be.


I have 64GB on my OnePlus One but only 7GB left, and that’s with a lot of deleting of things like my offline Wikipedia, though to be fair in order to make way for a Linux Deploy install. I also occasionally use all of my 3GB of RAM due to large websites, causing my browser to crash. It is annoying that the Librem 5 has almost the exact specs of my current phone…

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You can add microSD storage for the storage problem, and use w3m to solve your ram problem.

The MicroSD card is actually exactly what I was thinking for the storage, and would actually make it an upgrade over my phone, finally (I haven’t seen any open phones that are upgrades over my current semi-open phone so far). W3M, however, will almost certainly not be able to properly display the terrible, bloated, javascript-heavy sites which cause my browser to use so much RAM, and the sites which it does display don’t use too much RAM on my existing browser, Waterfox, anyway.

It isn’t as good for using desktop interfaces though, though to be fair I’m probably one of the few people that do this on such a tiny screen.

IDK what sites you are talking about and browsers , but if 3gb RAM was enough on my 1080p [resource hungry] Android phone, I really don’t see how it won’t do with super lean Linux Mobile OS pushing 720p.
We shall see

I am also curious which sites @happysmash27 was talking about. But with where webdevelopment has gone nowadays I can imagine some sites being that bloated.


Gnome with phosh and phoc is not “super lean”. At the moment it struggles scrolling through one single website with no other apps open, or displaying smooth video. See HackersGame. More RAM would be great but driver and software things are important too. Hope they will succeed.

Phoc is currently a RAM hog, and that needs to be optimized.
But that doesn’t mean scrolling a web page will be smoother then, and more RAM will also not solve that problem, because lack of memory was never the cause.
Besides, throwing more hardware resources at problems to avoid fixing the actual problem is pretty lame, and usually not what free software proponents go for.
My current 6y old Galaxy S3 with 1.5GB RAM scrolls buttery smooth and still has 0.5GB unused memory.

So, it should be easily possible to get to a point where having one smooth scrolling web page open with 2GB still available.
And from there on, I’d hope people take the challenge to go to 2.5GB still available, 2.6, 2.7…
Remembering the days when systems with 0.128GB of RAM were perfectly able to scroll web pages smoothly.


I thought that purism was to tackle that beforehand. That’s why I said “mobile Linux OS”. I highly doubt that they will release the phone without that optimization.

I don’t think so. I think we can be happy if the complete ux is smooth by the end of 2020.

If that’s the case, it’s extremely unfortunate. I don’t see how would they build on that. If this product was targeting niche market upon announcement few years ago, they definitely had in mind regular folks to come. The best advertisement would be this phone, especially for the next gen.

I tried the QEMU image as mentioned here:
I don’t know how reliable this test is, because it is not the real device, but here are my results:


I have been censored in regards to my reply on the LTE. In the absence of being able to post the webpage noted, you might try to find it for yourself.

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The “censorship” you refer to is community members flagging your post. Now why it was flagged I could not say as when I clicked to expand and read it I did not see anything that I think reasonably justifies this.with the system as I understand it Purism has likely not yet reviewed the flagging of those posts as they are fairly new. @Caliga will be able to read them without issue should they choose.

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Or so Purism says… Either way they are still readable.

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I expect the first few months to be resource heavy. Once this thing is let loose in the wild Devs will be all over squeezing every ounce of performance out of it. Just a guess though, however, given the hacker (original definition of the term, if you haven’t already read this it’s a great read) audience the L5 will only improve over time.


An update on of teh T1 modem.

We have new developments about this:

I am happy yo announce that we have the BM818-T1 available, more information in the bellow post.

I will close this thread, as there are several threads about the T1 and we would like the debate about these news would happen in one place to make the debate easier.
The thread above