Re: librem-5-smartphone-final-specs-announced

it’s nice of them to give users a window untill the price goes up again.


It was a nice surprise to see that post. :slight_smile: I’m interested to know which of the Broadmobi BM818 variants will be offered.

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Thanks for the heads-up. Re/ Baseband: There’re two Options … how one can select the Option?

There are 4 variants of the Broadmobi BM818 that I can see.

They are offering 2 variants of the Gemalto modem. I don’t believe you can select a modem in the Purism shop. I presume they will ask before shipping.

Do we know if the Bluetooth support includes Bluetooth LE?

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Cool. A 13 MP camera? That’s better than what I currently have!


TBDs are still at the product page… :slight_smile:

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All the specs are higher than my current phone, the iPhone 6s, except internal storage. But with up to a 2TB SD card, I think I can make due :slight_smile:

I like the camera specs! I was hoping for 4GB RAM, but 3 isn’t bad. Really looking forward to the receiving my Librem 5!


By the way, is it definitely known for now, whether the phone will come with a stylus or not? I really like the stylus which is used in the videos, but it is not mentioned in the specs.


this is fantastic :heart_eyes:


we are updating that :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update.

I would kindly ask you to think about changing the font. At least I always think that the phone has 8 GB RAM when reading the 3 GB


Reminds me a bit of


How can i make a decision about the modem? I mean i don’t know which one fit better on europe

They have info on the Gemalto modems here. I would check and as they suggest in that page. Being in Europe, I would assume that the European modem will work better for you (PLS8-E).


I would have liked to have seen a bigger battery due to the power inefficiency of the i.MX 8M but meh , whatever .

I am however happy to see sim will be nano and not micro so I wont have to get a new simcard and the the microSD support will be up to 2tb.

If this thing has decent battery life . Nawt bad . .


Do you mean the 4 different mount types? I mean only the M.2 is relevant, right? So it’s just one variant, or did I miss something?

Here is another page with some interesting details:
I wasn’t aware that most bands (due to regulation) are not emitting more than ~0.25W max. So, sensitive people want to turn off the 1.8Ghz bands :wink:

I would expect that Purism will choose a sensible default per region, and have users confirm/change that when also confirming the shipping address. I guess we’ll know soon :slight_smile:


Any chance we could get the physical dimensions? That’s a pretty large screen for me. If it can’t comfortably fit in a pocket, I can’t imagine carrying it around.

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I was referring to the BM818, BM818-E1, BM818-A1 and BM818-T1 on the page I linked. Are they mount types? I assumed it was region variants like for the Gemalto modem.

I had guessed around 72 x 146 mm when they first released the picture of the phone. Now that they have confirmed the screen size, I think that would be pretty close based on the picture.

After a cursory glance, it looks like the BM818-A1variant would meet all my Verizon frequency needs. Is that right?

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Lol, just saw what you were referring to. :smile:

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