Re: librem-5-smartphone-final-specs-announced


Same thought here…will 3GB be enough to run a desktop session over usbc considering there will be more apps later on…?

The specs do not really sound 2019. My old BQ X5P (2016) had quite same / better specs for 230€. I know, this is totally not comparable in software freedom and production scale. But I ask myself, if it is still expensive in 2019 to put 64GB of memory into a phone? I mean this is still emmc interface…


I have no idea how smartphone hardware works, but is RAM definitely not changeable on Librem 5 (even not with soldering)?


Does anyone really need 64 GB of storage on a phone? I’ve never used more than about 22 GB on a phone, even with pictures, videos, offline maps, and several years’ worth of texts. If you need more there’s the microSD card.

Phone RAM is generally soldered with a ball grid array (BGA) which requires very expensive and specialized equipment to work with once it’s been put on. You can probably take the chip off with a common heat gun, but you’ll never get it back on in a working state.


I understand. There should be something like CPUs in PCs without soldering. :thinking: How ever, for me it’s enough … for the first time (don’t know what happens in future).


Uargh - that’s bad news to me - I somehow hoped that I could in a few years update myself the RAM to 8GB :frowning:
I will try to use the phone as a thin client with a docking station for everything else, hoping that I can stream games and having everything else I need on my nextcloud to be synched on a 512GB SD-Card


Unfortunately this state of things isn’t likely to change. Phones are highly constrained on the size of the components that can go into them, and BGA is far more space-efficient than soldering a socket onto the mainboard and plugging a separate chip into it. Purism’s inclusion of an interchangeable modem is a step towards user freedom but away from a sleek, thin phone. Personally I like it but it wouldn’t be feasible to have other components also be socketed.

Most laptops also don’t have socketed CPUs due to space constraints. Myself, I’d rather have a thicker laptop with interchangeable components, but the general public wants things to be thin and sleek at any cost, then complains about planned obsolescence when these things fail from overheating after a couple of years.


Purism said about the L5 - “converging on convergeance” :wink: it’s like saying for some users in some use cases it will work no problem “out-of-the-box” for others it’ll require more involved thinkering.

good news is that we OWN the device so even if some users don’t know how to modify it maybe others do and they could be “persuaded” to do so provided the right incentive …


It is a let down for me.
64 gb / 4gb is standard now.
Of course it’s not a deal breaker , but I expected better. It definitely won’t change the way I’m gonna use this phone


Purism posted BM818. That one doesn’t come with this band 66.

Are you suggesting that they are offering more than 1 modem from BroadMobi?


i didnt even get an official email receipt for my payment to purism for my pre order


True. I still don’t know what to do this info posted. Just not enough to pick one


if the third main function after phone calls and text is music like it is for me 32gb is nothing . i have 90gb of music but the microSD support will be just fine.


There are different variants for the MB818, as there are for the PLS8.
Those are clearly listed with band specifications on the Broadmobi website.

So yes, Purism will have to offer different variants of that one as well.
The MB818 is not suitable for the US market and doesn’t support the basic bands available there; it is largely a variant for China Mobile specifically, though it could be used partially on Verizon (but not Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile).
The MB818-A1 is one variant for the North-American market (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint) and the MB818-T1 is a variant for another part of North America and other markets such as Australia and some Asian countries (those where the US had some influence and US standards apply).
The MB818-E1 is the variant for Europe, Africa and most other countries (those without US standards and excluding China).


I see a band 66 listed for this variant.
FDD-LTE:B2/B3/B4/B5/B12/B13/B17/B25/B26/B66 TDD-LTE:B41(200M)


Sounds good, then.
I guess , Purism should be more specific.

Customers shouldn’t be pushed to visit other sites to get the info on the product they are buying :slight_smile:

I hope they come out and clarify whether it’s VoLTE certified


Sure. I just didn’t know that they will have more than one.
Pursim should have been more specific. Need to list all modems and details for each.


In private convo, I was told by one of the staff members that it’s gonna be easy to insert the modem.


what the , someone showed me the specs and I checked and the modem said it supports 12 . The thread where someone told me to look on cellmapper and I did . anyone off hand what thread that was ? cause in that thread the bands listed for that modem read it supported 12


The BM818-A1 supports Band 12.


Is this a trusted piece of equipment ? Made in china right ? And how do I get them to ship me an L5 with that modem ? Im going to have to do some research here to make sure all the other bands are going to work with this modem .

Yea ok , I guess the BM818-A1 will work . Do I have to contact purism to request this modem ? is the A1 verson an option even as far as Purism or do I have to buy this myself. Because Purism says BM818 but doesnt specify what version