Re: Order #Purism_3407721713 - No response from Purism on laptop repair

I have emailed Purism support multiple times in the past week, but have gotten no response. I don’t know if there is a problem with the email server or what, but I sent my laptop in three weeks ago for repair, and have not been given an update on its status. I thought that it would take around a week to fix, but I have been without my device for almost a month, which is really cutting into my ability to get work done:

This is a very complicated procedure, we simply need more time. We are sorry for this but we just can’t hurry the engineer.

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I understand if it takes a while; what I don’t understand is why no one else could simply tell me that before.


It was a simple oversight, we apologize for this. One of our support staff will contact you soon.

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