Re: the-future-of-computing-and-why-you-should-care

“A question to consider: What Big Tech Company would you purchase your future brain implant from? This is coming.” quoted from the above - part 3 - bottom page

Mr. Weaver more power to you sir !


“Due to data manipulation, no two people in society are getting the same information; it is impossible to have a sane debate about any polarizing topic because we aren’t starting with a foundation of shared knowledge.”
Weaver clearly groks the crux of the matter!

When you enter a search into a general search engine, e.g., Google, you should get exactly the same results as anyone else who enters the exact same search terms – period. It should be like simple arithmetic, not fuzzy non-sense or social “nudging” by the service provider. If they fail this simple test, they should be called out, shamed, shunned and digitally-exiled by all liberty-loving individuals. Drive the market to drive the change to a privacy-respecting world.


I could see that video getting some decent amounts of views if uploaded on Peertube and shared on Mastodon and Reddit :thinking:
Mastodon has native support for PeerTube videos.

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duckduckgo dot com has come a long way. a friend wanted to donate to them but he says that he doesn’t know what kind of hardware infrastructure they are running on.

they say that they actively use and support free libre open source software (FLOSS) but they leave out the most important part - hardware and firmware. any single server/node on the www that CAN potentially be backdoored or sniff out information IS a risk to all the other and should not be left AS-IS.

I really enjoyed Todd Weaver’s talk. He acts like Steve Jobs but thinks like RMS :rofl:


so acting like Steve Jobs is just an act ? naughty Mr. Weaver - what could you be thinking …

about those brain implants … we need someone that is an EXPERT in neuro-science and machine-brain connections to shed some light unto this topic. because soon we might just have to decide the hard way …

I don’t know if it’s a compliment or an insult, as Jobs was known to not be very trust worthy (like the first “business” thing he did was stealing Wozniak’s Atari bonus).

I mean he presents like Jobs.

@Yuno let me translate that for you:
“He’s charismatic and has proper motives”.
I think if you don’t split the sentence in two, it’s clear :wink:


also wanted to point something out … i noticed this kinda’ late

since you quoted Martin L King Jr.

The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people, but the silence over that by the good people. ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Society’s technology genius is not lacking, its moral genius is

from the above. still don’t know who is the original author but he is half wrong.

the truth is that BOTH the technology genius AND the moral genius of our society are lacking severely.

why ? think patents and copyright. trademarks not so much.

How are stupid patents and trademark wars not merely a moral issue?

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Purism and that square shape is a trademark. that’s how they do business. it’s like a stamp. a simbol of identity in the market-place. why would that be stupid? it’s also a patronage.

so why is society’s technology genius lacking ? if it wasn’t lacking it wouldn’t need “protection” from patents and copyright. simply put they go hand in hand. the simple fact that we CAN talk about moral issues is proof alone that the technology is lacking and always was. they are inter-twined in nature.

I didn’t say that. I said “stupid patents” and “trademark wars”.
I didn’t say trademarks are stupid. It’s how they are abused.

I like how you use quotes on “protection” :wink:
Basically you’re saying, if patents weren’t (mostly) stupid, surely nobody would use them.

Virtually everybody in the software world would agree with you… Not.

Google Lawyer Admits the Patent System is Broken
EFF: The patent system is broken
EFF: More Evidence of a Broken Patent System
FSF: Patent Absurdity: how software patents broke the system
GNU: Giving the Software Field Protection from Patents
GNU: Patent Reform Is Not Enough

But surely, this is only a problem with patents on software? Well…
Our System Is So Broken, Almost No Patented Discoveries Ever Get Used
The Downfall Of Invention: A Broken Patent System
The ‘broken patent system’: how we got here and how to fix it
The absurdly high cost of insulin, explained
With insulin prices skyrocketing, there’s plenty of blame to go around

“process patents, manufacturing patents, device patents … packaging patents, labeling patents and trademarks, all those are different methods used to prevent competition


you went all out as usual. i only intervened with the observation above because when reading things like “the technology genius in our society is not lacking” people might feel that we are safe and we only need to work on our moral code which isn’t true. we lack so many things. some more than others.

i often wondered what gave RMS his strength to oppose all his colleagues when most of them were turning to the dark-side. surely not ONLY his acute moral sense or duty. it had to ALSO be his genius skill level. no wonder most of people nowadays feel the need to protect themselves in some way (be that patents or copyright or some other form). it’s an indication of weakness.

the true measure of strength and technological genius is to need NO protection at all from obscure law practices such as patents and copyright.

we still don’t know as a society HOW to manufacture a fully fredom respecting CPU and GPU which will be of equal or greater state-of-the-art compared to what intel,amd,nvidia currently OWN … and some other important things. just give in already - come to the light-side - we ALSO have non-“cookies”

@Caliga you forgot this -