Readable screen and windows adapting

Dear Community, I’m using 200% zoom screen to be able to read text but many times windows go over it and I can’t interact with it portrait nor landscape! If I reduce zoom to 100% and just resize text using CTRL + I can magnify just text into webpages but not the rest of text (eg. window titles) that remain too small! Is there a way to adapt windows over screen to interact with it (example being able to tap buttons or filing forms) when I’m using 200% zoom? Or, if not adapting/resizing maybe moving widows to be able to reach every corner?
Do you know if Purism is working on it?
Thank you

Assuming you’re using Firefox (or a fork), instead of zooming the entire webpage, you might consider installing an extension like Font Contrast, which can adjust size of text as well as contrast. It also allows you to ignore or include headings, white text (such as over a photo in the page), etc. It’s not perfect, but I use it on desktop and it helps with most sites.

I used to use NoSquint Plus, but I don’t think it’s maintained anymore, and wasn’t working well by the end of my time using it.

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The Lapdock Kit may interest you.

Thank you but it isn’t limited to web. For example I had problem using disk app trying to format a sd card! Disk opened a dialog window and part of it was out of the screen and I wasn’t able neither to fill data neither to tap on next button :sweat_smile:
That’s why I asked and I hope that Purism staff is working on it!

Sure I’ll buy one but I need to use my L5 as fully functional smartphone.

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You will want to use this blog post once you have acquired one.

Oh, OK. As you mentioned webpages, that’s what I went with.

At one time, I searched for some kind of magnifying app in the repo, such as the Compiz Config setting I use on Linux Mint, but couldn’t find anything that worked on the L5.


An apt search magnif turns up several candidate apps you could try.