Reading/writing NFC tags

Can the L5 hardware read or write NFC tags? Thanks


I believe “no”.

In short: no.

The first model of the Librem 5 will not have NFC support:

Just curious (and a bit pedantic): the L5 hardware will not have NFC support but what about PureOS? Is there any reason that an external NFC device could not be used (after some script or app installation)? I know there are some articles about this (good one about using Mint) and a lot of wishful thoughts on L5 threads on this forum, but I couldn’t find anything directly about PureOS and NFC. Any thoughts?

This could be part of a convergence setup or something to plug in on the road occasionally… and I’m still daydreaming of a hightech protective case that has NFC, USB hub, wireless charging, extra battery, solar panel, SDR, IR and a bunch of other features - and still fits to my pocket :sweat_smile:

It should be possible to do that, my android smartphone can do it connecting an Arduino board with a NFC module trough a terminal emulator (termux).

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